Q&A: Why do I need an SSL certificate?


An SSL certificate encrypts data sent from your user’s computer sent to and from your website / server. It helps prevent other people or programs from stealing the information while information is passed from one side to the other.

If you have an eCommerce site, where customers and clients are putting in their credit card details, you really must have an SSL certificate. For starters, people who see a checkout page that’s not secured with an SSL certificate are more likely to abandon their cart. The opposite applies – SSL certificates build additional trust with potential shoppers – verifying that you are a real business and giving them the confidence to know that their credit card details are safe when making the transaction.

SSL certificates are also just good practice. Some of our clients have SSL certificates on their contact forms. This is to a) help build more trust and confidence with the user and b) to secure the data being sent from the user’s computer to their server – to prevent spying/stealing confidential information the user is entrusting you with by writing and sending it to you.

Q&A: Can I compare products on my blog too?


Comparing products is a g is a great thing to do – it’s another way you can show your customers and clients that you know your business and industry, and to position yourself as a knowledgeable person/company.

You can create a new blog category called “Product Reviews” when writing up your next post.

Q&A: Can I write reviews on my blog too?


You can definitely write reviews on your blog. Your blog is what you make it. One of the great things about having a WordPress based blog is that you can very quickly and easily add extra blog categories, which will make it easier for you to better divide up your content.

Generally, people start with the following blog categories:

  • News
  • Press
  • Products

If you can write reviews about different products related to your business, which your customers would be interested in or searching for, go for gold.

eCommerce Strategy: Free Shipping – win customers


When your users are looking around to see which product to buy online, once they find it and the price is right, the next thing they look for is – how much does shipping cost? Well, how about nothing! It’s a simple, sure-fire way to win over more customers from potentials to buyers.

This is a really simple eCommerce strategy that you can implement with your eCommerce Solution in almost no time at all.

Method A) Include shipping in the price of the products themselves

This method of offering free shipping works really great when;

  • The products are relatively inexpensive to ship
  • OR You have a harder-to-find, more unique type of product online
  • OR You are selling high-margin products

If you can crunch the numbers and make it work profitably, this is the ‘ideal’ shipping promotion method.

You would consider this method if your goal is to win more customers, faster. Once they’ve become a first time customer, using a little bit of extra effort and some Email Marketing, you can woo them back for more.

Method B) Free shipping when ordering over $xx

The next method is to give free shipping after you’ve made $xx on that order. If you your goal is to up sell more products per order, this is a strategy that has proven popular and effective.

You would consider this method if you want to encourage up sells. You’d be surprised how many people will just go ahead and add an extra product to their cart to qualify for that free shipping.

What is Responsive Website Design?


Watch this short 1 minute video to get a better understanding of what responsive web design is all about. This is the primary method we employ to make your website multi-device compatible.

Hello world!


With a brand, spankin’ new website, we’re going to shake up the Perth and Australian digital strategy, web and eCommerce industry. We’ve got a lot in store for you. Watch this space.