What is eCommerce?


eCommerce is short for electronic commerce. eCommerce refers to the buying and selling of products or services with the use of electronic systems like the internet and any other computer networks. When it comes to online buying and selling, eCommerce has become the most popular option for most sellers and buyers, too. For buyers, eCommerce is very convenient especially now that internet access is everywhere.

One of the main advantages of eCommerce to buyers is the ease of searching and comparing different products and services without going anywhere. eCommerce makes shopping a lot easier for those who have a very hectic schedule.

On the other hand, eCommerce needs a lot less amount of investment given that you don’t have to invest in an office building and other equipment. And even the marketing campaign for eCommerce businesses is much less costly.

If you want to have your own eCommerce website, you do not have to worry. There are a lot of companies who offer services like building an eCommerce website and other relevant services. Find the best one and experience the advantages of selling your products and services electronically.

What is Website Optimisation?


Website optimisation is the process carried out that would help your website improve its search engine ranking. It is basically making your website easier for your potential clients to use and more pleasant to the search engine bots. If you optimise your website regularly, the more chance that your website will become more accessible for your clients online through search engines.

Website optimisation is very important to any business, including yours because most of the online traffic that your website gets come from search engines. So if you want to increase traffic on your website, you have to understand how to do an effective website optimisation procedure.

Getting the best company to do your website optimisation process is the only way you are ensured that your website will get a higher rank when it comes to search engines. And search engines are the best place for you to find your prospective clients.

Website optimisation may vary depending on the kind of business that you run; thus, it is very important that you make a careful decision when looking for a company to do your website optimisation services. Only go for the company who understand what your business needs.

What is Website Hosting?


If you have a website and you want to publish it for the world to experience, you need to get a website hosting service. Website hosting is an internet hosting service that enables you to make your website available via the World Wide Web. Your website files and codes are stored and kept in a website host and they translate it into texts and images on your website domain.

Once you have registered your domain name to your provider, you will then need a website hosting service for you to be able to launch your website into the internet. Normally, website domain providers also offer web hosting services. If possible, it is best to get both your domain and hosting services from one provider. There are companies who offer free website hosting services, but the downside is the limited features.

How your website looks over the internet may vary depending on the website hosting provider that you choose. Therefore, it would be best to try to research and find the company that holds a good track record when it comes to website hosting.

How to Run a Multichannel Social Media Promotion


Before we go directly to running a multichannel social media promotion, let us first define what a multichannel social media promotion is. It is basically a marketing campaign that aims to influence multiple social media channels.

Currently, there are a lot of social media channels out there and it can be so hard to run a campaign on all of them at once. And as a business, it can be hard on you to determine exactly how to do a successful multichannel social media promotion.

Here’s an excerpt from Econsultancy’s blog post titled “How to run a successful multichannel social media promotion”: “A successful multichannel social media promotion is nothing more than a conversation that is continued across several different venues. As any conversation that involves multiple parties, it requires planning and understanding your goals in order to capture maximum benefits.” Read more on Econsultancy’s Blog.

What is Agile Marketing?


Agile marketing is all about the ability to come up with specific goals for your business with a team to focus on each goal. The essence of agile marketing is to be able to quickly determine which marketing goal is working or not; and from this, you can decide which one you should prioritise. The principal goal of agile marketing is to be able to quickly respond and adjust to the changes and create an amazing experience for your consumers.

Agile marketing hopes to make you respond with determination and efficiently evaluate the outcome for you to be able to focus and develop the most effective marketing campaign. According to Jim Ewel, the goals of agile marketing are to improve the speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to change the marketing function.

The only thing constant in this world is change. This is indeed true and in the world of marketing, the best thing that you can do to easily adapt to the constant changes is to use agile marketing. In marketing, there is no definite way to succeed; but with agile marketing, you will have the ability to quickly adapt to changes, plan your campaign, evaluate the outcome, and come up with the most effective marketing plan.

Help your business cope up with all the constant changes. If you need an expert advice about the benefits and the importance of agile marketing, do not hesitate to call.

What is Integrated Marketing?


Integrated marketing is an integration and fusion of the different forms of communication media that is used by businesses to deliver their message and build their brand. It utilises various tools and techniques that would tie each element of marketing, and form an effective and organised marketing strategy. Integrated marketing aims to offer their clients consistent message by utilising the most common forms of marketing campaign.

The key to a successful integrated marketing is being able to cohesively put together different marketing campaigns. Without integrated marketing, your messages may be lost in between changing your messages and using different marketing media. It would be easier for you to convince your clients if you are a 100% sure about your message and you consistently send it to them in one integrated channel.

Integrated marketing is important in today’s marketing world. Consumers are flooded every day with various messages and marketing campaigns. Consumers are becoming more meticulous when it comes to marketing campaigns that does not interest them. However, with integrated marketing your marketing campaign is reinforced and would greatly help you in reaching out to your clients through your consistent messages.

Emmix maintenance is a company who understands how marketing evolves and so should your business strategy. If all these are too much marketing information for you, you can always call us and let us integrate all the marketing innovations into your business.

What is User Experience (UX) Design?


UXD and UED is another term for user experience design. The term is used to describe all the various aspects of the experience of a user in a website when it comes to graphics, industrial design, interface, the manual, and physical interaction. The user experience has four elements to consider: Visual Design, Information Structure, Interaction Design, Usability, and Human-Computer Interaction; and when these elements are integrated on your website, it can enhance the experience of a user.

Visual Design

     This design is also referred to as communication design, graphic design, or visual communication that symbolises how your website would look and feel to your users. The goal of visual design is to use images, colours, and symbols to deliver your message to your website visitors.

Information Structure

     It is the art of organising and constructing the data of your products or services, which would ultimately enhance the usability and the ability of your website to be easily found.

Interaction Design

     This is more of designing a system that would help your audience perform tasks on your website. This design basically enhances the experience of your audience on your website based on what your audience wants.


     This is a UXD element that aims to make your website easier to use and is something that is similar to the needs of your audience.

Human-Computer Interaction

     This a design that focuses more on the human use of computer systems. It makes interaction between the computer and your users easier.

Making your website user-friendly is important for any online marketing strategy. Integrating User Experience Design on your website will definitely make your website visitors appreciate your website even more, which can be very beneficial for your business. Implement the design on your website now.

What is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing is a strategy that aims to receive website traffic with the use of the social media channels. The goal of this marketing strategy is to provide content that would capture a response from your target audience and trigger them to share it through their social networks. It is widely used by so many companies and is considered to be an important marketing strategy.

Using social media marketing gives you a better chance to interact and build relationships with your potential clients in a more enjoyable and personalised level. Also, social networking will enable your clients to interact with each other which would help greatly in spreading the word out; and this is the outcome that you need from your social media campaign.

There are so many social networking sites available, but you just can’t have it all. Managing multiple networking sites can take so much of your time that is why it would be best if you just capitalise on the ones that really matters. When planning for your social media marketing campaign, make sure to keep in mind the networking sites that would give you the optimum outcome.

Here are the top five social networking sites gathered by Social Media for Your Business:






There are a lot of social media sites available, but you can start with these top five sites and see how it goes for you. However, you have to remember that it would not benefit you if you launch your social media marketing on these five sites all at once. It is better to take it one at a time and see which one gives you the maximum result.

What is Inbound Marketing?


The aim of inbound marketing is to bring consumers into the business and not the other way around. It offers a subtler way of persuading consumers through useful and interesting contents in blogs, videos and in social media channels. Marketers use these tools to trigger the consumers’ curiosity and hopefully trust and confidence into the business.

In inbound marketing, you don’t have to disturb your potential customers with annoying advertisements; instead you attract them by offering them something interesting and helpful. You offer your potential customers with eBooks, videos, and other inbound marketing tools that they can relate to; and eventually, these people will have the need to contact you for more information about the products or services you offer.

Inbound marketing will not only save you money for a more effective marketing strategy, it will definitely give you so much more advantage. With inbound marketing’s entertaining and helpful marketing campaign strategies, it will help you educate your potential consumers, build brand awareness, generate more leads and ultimately convert your leads to sales.

Are you still stuck in the old and traditional way of online marketing? There is no better time for you to switch to inbound marketing than NOW! Call us today and enjoy the benefits of inbound marketing.

What is Content Marketing?


Content marketing is a marketing plan that creates useful and relevant information based on what your target audience would most likely want to have. The goal of content marketing is to entice your target market, convert them into clients, and eventually make them your repeat clients. Introduce your business to your target market by sharing with them valuable contents that are related to your products or services; make them understand what you are trying to sell and make them love it. Offer them something that can gain their trust and confidence in your business.

Content marketing is not about sales, it is more of interacting with your existing clients and target market hoping to gain loyalty from them through the valuable and helpful contents that you consistently provide. In content marketing, you do not advertise your products or services; you simply provide information that will educate your prospective clients. The core of content marketing is to provide your prospective clients constant useful information with the hope of receiving your client’s loyalty in return.

Your content marketing is important because it is one of the factors of whether your client will convert or not, or if they will become your repeat clients or mention your business to other people. So if you want to make a difference to your business, make sure your content marketing is top quality.